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The PEFF is part of the POINTS OF CULTURE program of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, which is strategic to democratize the tools and resources to produce culture and exercise the cultural rights of all. In this way, with the collaboration of the State and organized civil society, it is possible to enhance the transformative impact of a cultural policy and unleash the enormous potential that territorial organizations have to work as a network and produce meaning and action from the communities themselves.


We consider it essential to create a link between the population and the environment, providing the community with knowledge,  in pursuit of a better quality of life, that is why we created the program FROM THE SCREEN TO THE MESA, which through two activities such as environmental cinema and vegetable garden workshops, work to recognize and value the importance of food sovereignty. 

The project is developed in peripheral neighborhoods of the city of Puerto Madryn and  invites the community to actively participate in caring for the environment, health and social welfare, generating a process of reflection and reflection. discovery of values such as food sovereignty. These activities also inspire neighbors to develop productive and community projects, promoting the local economy.

If you want to join the program, write to us at


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