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Important Writing Limits that every Understudy Needs - 2022 Guide

Reflective Essays

As the name suggests, Reflective Essays are reflections of particular situations or attitudes. In Reflective Essay, a writer writes about his personal experiences, or it can be a type of case study in which he explores how the experiences have changed, affected, and transformed his or someone's life. They give you insight into someone's personal life. It is not only about memory but more than that.

A student is asked to apply a theory, approach, or criteria when he writes a Reflective Essay in college. It helps a student to link practical life, and the theories taught in the class. It builds critical thinking in a student that helps to grow and improve his learning skills.

Reflective Essay May Depend On Subject

Reflective Essays may include theories taught in the class. For example, a literature student is asked to write how a literary work interrelates with his practical life, a medical student may include his intimacy with his patients, or in psychology class, Reflective Essays may help to grow the mental health of the students.

The Tone of Reflective Essays

Reflective Essays are written with a first-person point of view because they are all about someone's personal experiences and take a reader on a journey of growth and development of a character. You may also take the help of some essay writer in writing such types of essays.

The Structure of Reflective Essays

Reflective Essays are structured in the three-part format: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. The introduction part introduces and describes the situation and states what happened in reality. The body part discusses why it happened and the circumstances behind the stated case. This part may include the feelings and thoughts of the writer. Then the final piece, the conclusion part, says the evaluation and then analysis. Here the writer illustrates the good and bad of his experience and gives arguments in favor of his judgment. A student applies theories to link life with philosophy.

Selection of a Topic

Choosing a topic for a Reflective Essay seems challenging, but as a student decides on which subject he will write, the brain starts working on it. A student must choose a topic wisely and avoid selecting an issue that is new to him. Think about something to which you are emotionally attached, and to write upon it will not bore your reader. Select the thing that can be written and read with a different perspective. A student can write upon nature, relationships, memorable moments, or the thing that left a strong effect.

Below are some ideas of excellent Reflective Essays that will provide you a guideline in selection and decision. These ideas are split according to specific life experiences.


Nature has always played an essential role in human life. This remarkable creation has inspired many literary people and has the power to heal or harm.

A Night With Stars In The Sky

A Visit To The Hill Station

The Sunset View On The Seaside

Walking In Rain

Rock Climbing Making Sand Castles On The Beach


Humans are social animals and cannot imagine a life without relationships. A child starts to learn relationships when he first opens his eyes to this world. Below are some examples of reflective essays derived from relationships.

Your Visit To Your Grandparents

Family Dinner In Restaurant

When You Made Your Parents Proudly

Walking/ Playing With a Pet

When You Were First Punished

You And Your Best Friend

Met Best Friend After So Long


A remembering event helps you discover different aspects of life and take you in the past. The following topics are taken from real-life events.

First Day Of College

When You Lost Wi-Fi Signals During Zoom Meeting

Grocery Shopping

The Event That You Never Miss

Prize Distribution Ceremony In College

A Game You Took Part In

Childhood Memories

Childhood is one's best part of life and plays a pivotal role. Some childhood memories are unforgettable and make you smile even in your old age. You can also take the help of professional essay writer in writing such content. Some childhood memories on which a college student can write are listed below.

Best Childhood Memory

When I Lost My Mother In Shopping Mall

Your Favorite Cartoon Movie

Your First Attempt Of Writing a Poem

When You Scored Highest In The Class

Best Birthday Memory

Memories about People

You meet new people often, but some people leave a significant impact on your life and always become alive in your memories. Below is the list of topics when people amazed you.

When You Made Her Surprised

You Saw An Incredible Man

When Your Friend Helped You in Assignment

The Most Irritating Person In College

A Person Who Is Your Inspiration

Special Moments

Some moments make your life beautiful, and some take you at your worst, but they always teach you a new lesson. Look at the list of some memorable moments for your Reflective Essay topic.

The Thing That Admires Me Most

Your Bigger Mistake Ever

When I Selected For Singing

The Best Gift Ever

The Time When You Had A Long Laugh

When You Were Scared

It Brought Tears In My Eyes

My Favorite Movie

A Dream That Came True


A day out with friends or family always gives pleasure. It helps you to explore a new world around you. You can also ask expert essay writer to write my essay with excellent knowledge about this type of essay. You can select an essay topic from the following trips.

A Road Trip

A Visit To A Museum

A Walk In The Woods

The Sunset View Seaside

My Favorite Vacation Spot

Going On A Field Trip With Class

I hope the above list will help you to choose or create a topic. After selecting the case, jot down the thoughts and make a rough draft of your first draft. Don't forget to go back and find the mistakes and do the editing to make your piece of work unique and impressive. After doing proofreading, your creative work is ready to publish.

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